About Us

When I began Wise Women Now in 2010, I  thought I’d only keep it running for two years.  My assumption was that by that time I’d be tired of writing, tired of urging writers to write, tired of hunting for pictures, and very disappointed if my audience wasn’t at least half as big as Google’s. While my wish for a big audience wasn’t grounded in reality, my assumptions about not wanting to continue were equally as misguided.

Come on in, pull up a chair - and share

Thank you for visiting Wise Women Now. This website is a gathering place for older women who want to read, write, think and share what we’ve learned about life – so far.  Here, you can express those opinions you’ve been holding close, tell your stories, share what life has taught you. You can also learn how other women are navigating relationships, life's hurdles - expected and unexpected. Wise Women Now celebrates and honors aging, changing, winning and losing.